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082 _a004.62 C732i 2006
100 _aComer, Douglas E
245 _aInternetworking with TCP /
_cIP / Douglas E. Comer
250 _a5ª edición
260 _aUpper Saddle River, NJ :
300 _avolúmenes :
505 _aVOLUMEN I : -Review of underluing network technologies -Internetworking concept and architectural model -Classful internet addresses -Mapping internet addresses to physical addresses /ARP) -Internet protocol : conditionsless datagram delivery (IPv4) -Internet protocol : forwarding IP datagrams -Internet protocol : error and control messages (ICMP) -Classless and subnet address extensions (CIDR) -Protocol layering -User datagram protocol (UDP) -Reliable stream transport service (TCP) -Routing architecture : cores, peers, and algorithms -Routing between peers (BGP) -Routing within an autonomous system (RIP, OSPF) -Internet multicasting -IP switching and MPLS -Mobile IP -Private network interconnection (NAT, VPN) -Client server model of interaction -The socket interface -Bootstrap and autoconfiguration (DHCP) -Domain name system (DNS) -Remote login and desktop (TELNET, SSH) -File transfer and access (FTP, TFTP, NFS) -Electronic mail (SMTP, POP IMAP, MIME) -World Wide Web (HTTP) -Voice and video over IP (RTP, RSVP, Qos) -Network management (SNMP) -Internet security and firewall design (IPsec, SSL) -A next generation IP (IPv6) -A look at RFCs
650 _aArquitectura de redes de computadores
_xDiseño y construcción
650 _aInternet
650 _aIntranets (Redes de computadores)
650 _aRedes de valor agregado (Redes de computadores)
650 _aProcesamiento electrónico de datos
_xProcesamiento distribuido
650 _aProtocolos de transferencias de archivos (Redes de computadores)
650 _aSistemas de transmisión de datos
650 _aIngeniería de sistemas
650 _aAdministración de redes de computadores
650 _aConmutación de paquetes (Transmisión de datos)
650 _aFTP (Protocolos de redes de computadores)
650 _aTCP/IP (Protocolos de redes de computadores)
650 _aWorld Wide Web (Servicio de información sobre redes)
650 _aRedes de computadores
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