Comer, Douglas E

Internetworking with TCP / IP / Douglas E. Comer - 5ª edición - Upper Saddle River, NJ : Pearson, 2006 - volúmenes : ilustraciones


-Review of underluing network technologies
-Internetworking concept and architectural model
-Classful internet addresses
-Mapping internet addresses to physical addresses /ARP)
-Internet protocol : conditionsless datagram delivery (IPv4)
-Internet protocol : forwarding IP datagrams
-Internet protocol : error and control messages (ICMP)
-Classless and subnet address extensions (CIDR)
-Protocol layering
-User datagram protocol (UDP)
-Reliable stream transport service (TCP)
-Routing architecture : cores, peers, and algorithms
-Routing between peers (BGP)
-Routing within an autonomous system (RIP, OSPF)
-Internet multicasting
-IP switching and MPLS
-Mobile IP
-Private network interconnection (NAT, VPN)
-Client server model of interaction
-The socket interface
-Bootstrap and autoconfiguration (DHCP)
-Domain name system (DNS)
-Remote login and desktop (TELNET, SSH)
-File transfer and access (FTP, TFTP, NFS)
-Electronic mail (SMTP, POP IMAP, MIME)
-World Wide Web (HTTP)
-Voice and video over IP (RTP, RSVP, Qos)
-Network management (SNMP)
-Internet security and firewall design (IPsec, SSL)
-A next generation IP (IPv6)
-A look at RFCs


Arquitectura de redes de computadores--Diseño y construcción
Intranets (Redes de computadores)
Redes de valor agregado (Redes de computadores)
Procesamiento electrónico de datos--Procesamiento distribuido
Protocolos de transferencias de archivos (Redes de computadores)
Sistemas de transmisión de datos
Ingeniería de sistemas
Administración de redes de computadores
Conmutación de paquetes (Transmisión de datos)
FTP (Protocolos de redes de computadores)
TCP/IP (Protocolos de redes de computadores)
World Wide Web (Servicio de información sobre redes)
Redes de computadores

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